Major Sites that a 'tiered' Internet Would Have Killed

Again and again, we hear about the idea of a "tiered" Internet, containing 1st and 2nd class citizens.  In some variants, entire sites would be cut off by ISPs.  Let's take a look at sites that probably would not have been able to get started with the notion of a "tiered" Internet.  In this list, I'm including major sites that were started without major commercial backing, whose success only came after making it big -- something that takes users being able to access the site, of course.  Let's assume that a tiered Internet came out about a decade ago, right after the fall of the dot-com era.

From just the .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, and .us TLDs, there are over 127 Million registered domains. As of even 2002, it was estimated there were 3500-4000 ISPs in the United States.  So, are these sites supposed to sign 4000 contracts each?  A total of something like 508 Billion contracts in the US alone?  This is positively insane.

Maybe I'm crazy, but it seems that has made this same argument.  I, for one, will never use an ISP that cuts off access to part of what I'm paying for.  Charge me for my bandwidth, just as Google's ISP charges them for their bandwidth.

[Most of the site statistics are from  Founding dates from Wikipedia.]